Wow, that's incredibly stupid. About this blog: 2-3 frame GIF of an object/person with sparkles, ugly patterns, and rainbows. Made in GIMP and/or Photoshop.
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Why things with the word “Sparkle” in front of them are inherently superior.



Because of gifs of Nicolas Cage with rainbows, flowers, and sparkles. The next time the waiter asks still or sparkling you know what to do.

p.s. Do you see a unicorn ? I have been staring at this gif for too long. If there is in fact a unicorn in this image I declare it to be the best gif I have found on the internet thus far.

as the creator of this gif i can confirm that it’s actually a kitten

Anonymous said:
You have committed many sins.

crucify me


Ferris Beuler is a great movie, but corrupted files make it even greater.


this guy is a goldmine

I donnn’t think he’s serious though I’m just gonna tag it as parody

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